There are countless threats to the denizens of Caen, but some of the more well known and greatest threats are.



An ancient that rose to godhood nearly the same way as her brother, Bahamut. The two greatly oppose one another for their strongly conflicting views on the world and its denizens. She and Bahamut are the only two of the Ancients that are no longer hunted by their father.


An ancient of vast power that rose to godhood from nearly a millenia of worship by both lesser dragons and the dragonborn. Opposes the chaos that his sister desires.


Defeated and nearly destroyed by his father, Torruk, Everblight was never allotted the chance to achieve godhood like his brethren. Everblight was the first betrayer, the first to realize how much power was given by consuming his brothers and sisters. He has waited for thousands of years for the right time to rise again. Everblight wishes to resurrect his physical form and challenge his brethren, becoming something even greater than what they’ve achieved.


Cult of Thyan

An ever-expanding cult of undead lead by the ancient and powerful, Lylth the Lich. The cult’s influence is felt world wide, but greater concentrations are located in the Maw, the Dragon Boneyard, ….. The cult’s ultimate goal has always been the unification of all races and universal peace, through undeath domination. The cult is filled with many ambitious NPCs whose goals often don’t align perfectly with the cult’s, creating inner turmoil and conflict.

Lylth the Lich, Queen of the Damned

In darker, ancient times one of the many elven empires practiced unchecked blood magic and necromancy. They were feared all across the world for their savage practices and war mongering. They forged powerful necromancy artifacts that their rulers wielded against any brave and foolish enough to challenge them. After centuries of this, the elven empire was graced with a king who sought to remove their barbaric rituals and refused to take up the artifacts. He preached for their empire to forsake this unholy magic, and slowly the elven empire lost its ties to these dark roots. The artifacts were hidden away only to be reclaimed in the most dire and desperate scenario.

Lylth was once the queen of this empire and her people were constantly at war with neighboring empire, nations, and people. She grew tired of the constant warfare and death of her people; she could not bear the burden and grief of the loss of their lives. She desired peace and unification above all. After years of peace talks and meetings, she was able to form an alliance with the human empire. With the powerful nations allied, few dared to contest their power and a previously unknown peace descended on the elven empire. This peace was not to remain though. As the human empire fell to the sway of devils, the sworn allegiance to the elven empire meant little to the human leaders. They quickly decided to take advantage of the alliance and launch an attack on the capital city of the elven empire. Unprepared and overwhelmed, the human attack seemed to be the over night fall of the empire.

Refusing to allow her people to be ruthlessly slaughtered by these traitorous humans, she sacrificed her own soul to claim the ancient, necromatic magic artifacts, transforming her into a powerful lich. As the battle began to consume the capital city and the elven empire seemed on the verge of defeat, Lylth invoked a ritual of great power with her newly gained artifacts. She raised the city as her undead servants, foe and ally alike, and massacred the betraying humans. Anger and sorrow flooded the queen as she questioned as to why this had to happen when all she desired peace. She realized something in that moment. No individual, people, or empire could ever be fully trusted. True peace could never truly exist so long as people held any ambition or free will. Lylth’s new dream was immediately envisioned; she finally knew just how to unify all the empires and races of the world. Lylth would rule the denizens of the world through undeath. Only she could be trusted with the peace of the world.

Sabakzar the Soul Stealer

Sabakzar was once human, a young man even. He dreamed of becoming a powerful wizard and battled the forces of evil. But life is often not simply black and white. Sabakzar eventually came into the service of Vecna, protecting the world by not allowing other terrible forces of evil to capture the dark secrets of his master. Mortal age and a unquenchable thirst for knowledge took their toll on the wizard, leading ultimately to the betrayal of his master. Using his powerful magic, he managed to gain access and learn many of the secrets Vecna was hiding in this particular location. The paranoid god could not fooled for long, realizing his secrets had been discovered. Vecna sought to destroy Sabakzar, but he had gained great power and proved to be a worthy rival for the god. Vecna had achieved godhood though and Sabakzar was still mortal, more or less. He knew he could not yet challenge the god of secrets, and so he fled. Vecna still hunts him, but it has been centuries and the god of secrets hasn’t the faintest clue as to where he hides.

Sabakzar managed to steal secrets

Hell’s Children

Hell’s Children’s serves Lylth, when open warfare and utter destruction are either not possible or not desired. This sect of the Cult of Thyan is controlled by Zakvar, vampire elf assassin, who loyally and devoutly serves the Queen of the Damned. The sect is made up of assassins, mostly of vampiric origin, that serve as the hidden blade of the Cult of Thayan.


Zakvar is one of the oldest known living vampires, arising from the same time as Lylth herself. As a youth, Zakvar had been enthralled with the Queen. Her beauty and passion captured his very soul. Zakvar trained night and day for years, until he had made himself the greatest warrior of the time. He immediately caught Lylth’s eye, and she made him the Captain of the Royal Guard and her personal bodyguard. The two quickly fell in love, though Zakvar had already been for many years, but before the two could wed their dreams crashed around them as the empire began to fall apart. Desiring nothing more than to protect the one he loved the most, Zakvar sacrificed his morality and soul and drank from the Crimson Goblet, an ancient artifact possessed by the elves. The Goblet transformed him into a vampire and amplified his skills a thousandfold. He also took up the Blade of a Thousand Fangs, an ancient and evil blade said to drive the wielder berserk and insane. While none could ever come close to even touching the Queen with Zakvar near, she could not bear to watch others suffer for her and the decisions she had made. Zakvar begged and pleaded with her to not do it, but her resolve and decision were immovable. Sacrificing her soul, she became a lich with power the likes of that which had never before been seen. Unfortunately the path to lichdom is vastly different than that of vampirism, Lylth lost her very essence and that which had bound the two so very closely. Lylth now only knew her dream, and the undying will to see it through to the end. Though she was changed, undead, and unquestionably mad, Zakvar could still see the woman he loved. He pledged to eternally serve his love just as he would have done in life. Zakvar only hopes that their long lost souls can find one another and know love once again.

The Twins, Kuu’Jeh and Blaekûl

The elf, Kuu’Jeh, and human, Blaekûl, are hailed as the Twins amongst Hell’s Children and the seldom other places their names are known. The two were orphaned at a young age in the streets of a very large city within the human empire. They faced death and adversity everyday of their lives, but against the odds the two survived. They grew into hardened, cold killers with a unique set of skills. The two worked for many years together as bounty hunters, mercenaries, and thieves. Years of training had honed their skills to the point of a psionic connection the two shared. They could speak to one another without ever saying a word, know each others next move before it was made, and fight beside another with unmatched precision. The two made a name for themselves as “The Twins”. Their infamy spread to every back alley across all of Caen, and even Zakvar’s interest was provoked. Seeking them out was an all too easy task for the ancient vampire, and beating them single-handed proved similarly difficult. He offered the two unmatched power and immortality only for their allegiance, which the two readily agreed to.

Sirizan, the Shadow

Sirizan was once a human of great evil. The kind to murder an innocent family for less than the blade he purchased to do the job. Sirizan’s raw anger and hatred for the world managed to bind him to it, creating the wraith he is today. As a human, he was utterly evil; as a wraith, he is hardly less than chaotic. He serves Hell’s Children only for the promise of more power and continual slaughter. He is liked by none and hardly tolerable, Zakvar has more than once threatened to end his meaningless existence. Sirizan is a coward at heart. He is prone to fighting behind his allies, and even harming them in his crossfire before endangering himself, and fleeing if things get too messy. But to stay a member of Hell’s Children, one has to make their self of use. Sirizan’s sensory and information gathering abilities are unmatched, making him the Cult of Thyan’s greatest spy.

Regions/Cities Controlled by Cult of Thyan
The Shackled City

This city has strong ties to the Shadowfell and Undead. It sits nestled between two great mountains, casting in darkness no matter the hour of the day. While the city is in the normal world, it has such strong ties to the Shadowfell that it is easy to cross. This close connection is what created the Shackled City. A caste of vampires hold the city under their rule with a legion of skeletons, ghouls, and zombies at their control and guards. The city functions as one of the few “black market” trading posts in Caen. Creatures of all kinds and from various planes and parts of the world gather to exchange items they could do in no other places. The denizens of the Shackled City are all slaves to the vampire caste. Many have been purchased or captured, but many more are remnants from when the city wasn’t ruled by the vampires. Whenever violence breaks out in the city or slaves attempt to escape or rebel, the undead guards are quick to respond, hoping for a meal to come from it. The Iron Wolf Barbarians surround the city on all sides and often launch raids and attacks on the city, viewing it as an abomination and a threat.


The Blighted Shadow

The Overarching title to those Shardar Kai that serve Everblight within the Shadowfell. Led by ___________ who possesses a shard of Athanac the Blighted Shadow has become one of the most promising outlet of the blight. Acquiring the BlightFang Clan of gnolls for slavers and warriors along with the Blighted Ogruns of the Maw for a workforce, has transformed into the first steps of overtaking the entire Shadowfell.

Blackfrost Shard

Three Shardar Kai brothers trained specifically in the art of arcane destruction and blade. These sorcerous warriors are weapons of death and disaster. The former bounty hunters now directly serve The Blighted Shadow in exchange for promises of raw power and political power. The brothers desire to gain a direct hold over a city to transform it into a place of magical studies under their control. They are currently tasked with eliminating any “capable” threat such as nosy adventures, potent guards, or rival factions. They are the ultimate protection in the control of Vashoth. When a problem arrives that must be dealt with, it is they who are called upon to act.

BlightFang Clan

Formerly known as the Fang Scar Clan, this group of gnolls was transformed by the blight. They still worship Yeenghou, but their clan is devoted to the will of the Blighted Shadow. They are mostly used as a workforce and war tool. They collect slaves from various places across Caen by means of demonic portals opened within the Shadowfell. They are often used as scout parties for the Shardar Kai and a means of guarding areas from outside influence. They currently haunt the Shifting Sands and any unfortunate enough to cross their path are killed.

Blighted Ogruns of the Maw

The weak minded greater orcs of the Maw were easy targets for Everblight’s psyche to dominate. He was easily able to spread the blight across many tribes of Ogrun and they proved to be one of the most easily controlled creatures. Migrating them across the Shadowfell with the help of the BlightFang Clan has given the Blighted Shadow Operation a strong slave force.

Vashoth, Hidden Diamond in the Sand

Once a city that represented freedom and acceptance, all were welcome within Vashoth’s gates. The King was well for his benevolence and his strong desire to see all of Vashoth prosper. Wealth, power, or freedom from persecution made the city very attractive for many. The Blighted Shadow was able to infiltrate and corrupt the city’s noble families. Through these families, they were able to gain control over the King and then slowly take complete rule of the city. The city has become the prime aspect for the main operation of The Blighted Shadow.


MoggMauur, city-state of Goblins

This collection of Goblin establishments can be seen from the high walls protecting Vashoth. The “Goblin Capital”, as it is proclaimed, is overruled by the Great Mogg, a hugely fat hobgoblin that happily sells both goblin and hobgoblins alike for the right price. He maintains a strong enough force, through his stolen wealth, of warriors to keep hold of his power. MoggMauur is a lawless area and only those who have the strength to enforce their will last long. Goblin engineering at it’s finest can be seen and bizarre items and artifacts lie in wait to be discovered in the dangerous trading markets. Foul cults, rogue mercenaries, or slavers often visit and trade for the lives of thousands of goblins and hobgoblins annually. This trade with dark forces has created a sort of secret black market for those who know where to look.


Karruntor, Blood of Vol Empire

Three brothers control a large region contained within each of the forts the brothers possess. They are devout Blood of Vol followers and demand that those within their control also practice their worship. The empire is directly below the remains of Arkoshia and they are often found in conflict with Dragonborn. The Dragonborn wish them removed, but don’t possess the means to do so because of the Blood of Vol’s powerful necrotic army. The Blood of Vol empire wishes to grow and absorb the remains of Arkoshia to become the most powerful empire in Caen. Nestled within the foothills of the southern Arkoshian Plains the Blood of Vol empire has natural advantageous terrain features all over. The Blood of Vol have used the gutted remains of Bael Turath empire as their foundation. The ruins of that empire that have survived surround the Blood of Vol. A huge undead workforce constantly labors to repair and improve the defenses of the Empire. Zombies, Ghouls, Skeletons, and other undead of the like constantly patrol the outskirts, feasting and slaughtering any who do not bear the Sigil of Vol to command their minds.

Blood of Vol Philosophy and Worship

Those who follow the Blood of Vol faith believe that only the proven have a right to live, and all others are set on Caen for the toil and amusement of those few chosen. Power is the right to survive in the Blood of Vol society. The more you gather and wield, whether through political, physical , or other means does not matter, the more likely you are to survive.

Fort Bone, and Commander Kordun

The most northern Fort and for most the first encounter with the Blood of Vol’s small empire. Commander Kordun is the most violent and harsh of the three brothers, and he runs Fort Bone with an Iron Fist. He demands the finest necromancers and sorcerers of shadow to battle any who would dare to challenge their reign.

Fort Shadow, and Warlord

Fort Blood, and High Priest

Evendor, the Mind Flayer Empire

Mind Flayers seep in from the Far Realm where portals open. The Mind Flayers often attempt to open portals in the Underdark, where they will often go unnoticed for near centuries. Several huge underground metropolis have been created within the Underdark and are manned by the many slaves captured by the Mind Flayers.


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