Notable Places

The Frozen Wastes_

This frozen, inhospitable land has always been known as the Frozen Wastes. Few have survived long beyond the maw, though ancient legends tell of a people who used to call the Wastes home.

The Maw

The mountains that border the Frozen Wastes are referred to as the Maw. These Mountains stretch from end to end of Caen, as if protecting it from the Frozen Wastes itself. The Mountains are the tallest and numerous in all the world. Between the surreal heights, unpredictable and deadly weather conditions, and the vicious beasts that roam the tops, the Maw is considered impassable. Many tribes of human barbarians call the base of the mountains home, and several large dwarven cities are based within mountains holding precious metals.

The Shifting Sands, the Great Desert

Situated between the plains of Arkoja and after the forests begin to thin is this massive desert. Much of the desert is hot beyond measure and barren but there are oasis among it, including Vashoth, one of the largest city states still remaining. Directly below the Shifting Sands sits the Pit, the hellish portal that never ceases to release devils, fiends, and demons. Many believe the desert continually grows to a dead wasteland for as long as the Pit remains opened.

The Pit & The Void

As empires continually grew and constantly waged war amongst one another, it became increasingly acceptable to use any means necessary to destroy your enemy. The King of the largest human empire, Grecian, thought the power of the Nine Hells could aid him in taking control of all of Caen. The foolish King thought himself a god among men, and that he could control the devils he was striking deals with.

In a secret ritual deep below the castle, the King and his spellcasters worked with the devils to open a portal to the Nine. The Devils had manipulated the King to place the ritual in a certain location, an ancient ley line which are extremely sensitive and responsive to magic. As soon as the portal was opened, the spellcasters who controlled it began to lose control. The portal continued to expand and expand, until it completely engulfed the once crown jewel of an empire. Those denizens unfortunate enough to be caught in the expanding portal were drawn to deepest depths of the Nine forever to remain.

For the first time in the history of Caen, the empires of all the lands combined their might to combat this new threat. Thousands and thousands of lives were lost in the coming battles, but a group of mighty warriors were able to close the portal. Closing the portal, however, had effects that could never have been foreseen and are still being studied by many magic users.

Closing the portal after the planes of the Nine and Caen had been so interconnected, tore the fabric of Caen itself. The giant rift left was filled with a new semi-plane, bearing a strong resemblance to the Nine and Caen. Portals often open, releasing devils, demons, and fiends that are nearby in the Nine. The Semi-Plane forever connects Caen with the Nine Hells, but many seek to try and repair the damage that has been done and restore the land.

To protect all the people of Caen, the greatest arcane users of the world were gathered. Working together, they created a barrier that would contain the semi-plane, now known as the Pit. The barrier was named the Void, but like all thing it wasn’t perfect. Time and war would slowly break the barrier down, it was established that a force must be established to forever protect the Void.

The UnderDark

Home to the subterranean races, including duergar, drow, and mind flayers. There are few known surface entrances to the UnderDark, and those that are bold enough that wish to enter must often journey far to find one. Pit falls and earthquakes sometimes form new entrances, but these often lead nowhere but to the deepest and darkest pockets of the UnderDark to which few ever survive the return. The UnderDark is said to possess the only “passable” route to the Frozen Wastes of the North.

Lemurian Ruins

Lemuria was one of the first civilizations to arise composed mainly of elves, though some believe Eldarin also inhabited the area. It is thought to be the most advanced ancient society that arose. Their civilization was constructed with powerful magic and with druidic architecture, building their civilization straight from the wildlife around them. They created powerful Constructs to which even now many seek the runic symbols that brought the stone and wood creations to life. They had an advanced language system and are believed to be the first to begin recording history. Lemurians prided themselves on their craftsmanship and mastering the arts. It is said that their armor would shield them from the flames of the mightiest dragons, and that their blades that could cut them in two. Unfortunately, the entire civilization was wiped out by a mysterious catastrophic event and all that remains are the ruins that have been reclaimed by the wilds. Many have journeyed to search for the ruins to study them, but no one has ever returned with findings. Those few who do return only say it is a death trap even attempting to search for the ruins, and that any who do find them will surely never leave them alive.

-Huge decorative arches made of huge slabs of separate pieces of stone are forever connected and held up by magically inscribed ruins into the stone.
-Trees large enough to mountains make up the entire civilization. Buildings, home, stairs have been formed on the outside of the trees as if they had grown that way. Many have been fused together to support the sheer size of the colossus architecture.
-Giant stone pillars are plotted about decorated with still glowing runes that hold power even to this day.
-The remains on many Constructs can be seen, as they have slowly been reclaimed by the wilds after their magic finally ceased to power them. But many more still remain in service to constantly protect the ruins of Lemuria.


Originally a settlement of humans deep within the jungles to the southwestern portion of Caen. The humans constructed a gigantic ziggurat to worship their greatest deity, the giant Anaconda after which it is named. The humans were very primitive, to the point of barbarism, and somewhat druidic. When Yuan-Ti stumbled upon the civilization, they were worshiped as living gods. They welcomed the Yuan-Ti with open arms, and the Yuan-Ti were more than happy to exploit them. The ziggurat became the origins of the Snaketongue Cult, and vile rituals were performed on the more than willing subjects. The Yuan-Ti found the anaconda the humans had been worshiping to be a fine specimen, a gift from Zehir himself. They decided to enhance the beast with a shard of Athanac in order to create a powerful weapon to use against the world. The anaconda gained sentience with it’s new gift, but it also inherited the corruption of the shard. It took many centuries to take complete hold of the creature, but surely enough the blight overtook Ssal`zuss. With Ssal`zuss finally in Everblight’s grasp, the ziggurat fell quickly to the blight. The ruined ziggurat is now a great stronghold of the blight, housing a very powerful and large shard of Athanac.


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