Notable Figures & Groups

The Eye of Justice

The Circle of Orboros

Much could be said about the barbaric people that inhabit the forests below the Maw, but little is actually known by outsiders. Those people that call the forest home are regarded with fear and animosity. Their culture is one of the oldest still remaining intact, and their empire forever untouched by the civilized.

While all who inhabit the Circle are under the same banner, they do not always work together and most often barely maintain a precarious alliance with one another. Many tribes stand within the Circle, but no maps or lines are drawn between them. They can instead be divided into several categories by those who inhabit certain areas and wield certain powers.

The Druidic Circle – This branch of The Circle contains those who have harnessed the raw elements of nature, drawing power from Caen itself. The druids are humans and very, very rarely Tharn who heed the call of primal magic.




Omnipotent Cassius, the Oathkeeper

The Tharn – These sub-humans are the product of ancient blood-curse to the Devourer Wyrm considered more beast than man. The Tharn have long forsaken their human heritage to become something else. They are both gifted and cursed with a savage fury and an unyielding bloodlust. The Tharn also possess by birth the power of transformation, granting them even greater power. They are feared even amongst those in the Circle for they are prone to berserk fury and violently lashing out. Tharn feast upon flesh and heart of those they kill as offering to the Devourer Wyrm. Tharn respect power, battle prowess, and their barbaric code of honor. The Tharn constantly seek battle and all civilizations that lie on the edge of the forest are victim to raids by them at some point or another; their goal is singular in purpose: utter annihilation. They seek to unravel civilizations, spread chaos, and honor the Devourer Wyrm with terrible offerings. The Tharn are a fearsome weapon wielded by the Circle of Orboros. Tharn live in smaller groups and normally act independently of one another, but all Tharn heed the call the Tuath King.

Few ranks are a held amongst the Tharn as all amongst them are warriors embracing death, but several amongst them pose too difficult for death to claim.

Ravager Shaman – Select Tharn feel the pulse of barbaric magic in their veins. These Tharn hold one of the highest honors in achieving the position of Shaman. Shaman’s invoke unholy rituals and horrible rites to inspire ferocity and renewed bloodlust in their warriors. They guide their people in the carnal ways of the Devourer Wyrm and towards oneness with the Beast of All Shapes. They will often lead their people with a Thaneborn.

Thaneborn – After surviving countless battles and consuming the hearts of many honorable foes, you achieve this position. The Thaneborn lead their brethren with experienced battle prowess and relentless fury. These Tharn hold a leadership position similar to chieftain in other culture’s clans or villages.

Tuath King – Kromac the Ravenous Barbarian Chieftain, war leader of his people, living nightmare. Kromac is Tuath King of his people, an undisputed leader, said to be the Devourer Wyrm’s mortal vessel. Tuath King is a rare title amongst the Tharn, as it is unendingly contested amongst the Tharn. Kromac holds so much honor amongst his people that none dare to challenge him. Kormac possess a rare intelligence amongst the Tharn, allowing him the patience to cooperate with the Druids and Wolves. Kromac gives the entire Circle a power never seen before amongst them.

The Wolves of Orboros – Many humans are called to the ranks of Orboros by the “wilding” as it is called. They hear things whispered in the wind that others do not, feel the call of nature, and often house a predatory spirit that can’t be contained by civilization. These humans learn the ways of the Devourer Wyrm and worship the ancient god. Although they do not feast on the flesh of their victims, they still carry out the will of Orboros.

Pack Leader
Master of the Hunt

The Arkoshian City States

The disembowled remains of the once great Dragonborn Empire

Cygnur City States

The fervently dedicated religious zealots of Cygnur are not allied and small skirmishes often break out between the three cities. The cities are known to immediately set aside their differences in the face of a religious cause. They strongly oppose the entire race of Tieflings and consider them the creation The Nine, anything that has hints of undead must be purged to completely annihilate the threat, and any that would choose to deny that Pelor as the greatest god would be viewed as a heretic. The three have marched small, yet powerful, crusades against many deemed a threat. The outside world views them with great skepticism and fear, and the dragonborn are known to oppose them for their view of Bahamut.

Elmister Aumar

Gyron “The Architect” Remy

Agatha, the Wild Witch


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