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Brief History of Caen


War. The single factor that has been a constant in shaping Caen, since its youth. Caen bares the scars of the countless wars and battles that have been fought upon its soil. Nearly every inch of the continent has seen conflict in the last milenia.

Starting thousands of years ago, the Ancient Dragons warred with the Elemental Primordials. The battles that ensued were epic, and helped to give Caen its current face. The Dragons ultimately won, but knew no peace as a civil war quickly burst forth. This devastated the dragonkind, and has forever scarred their kind to only know conflict with one another no matter what the cause.

With Dragons no longer constantly patrolling the skies and the Primordials long since defeated, a new set of beings was given a chance. The sentient humanoid races of Caen began to rise, but it would not be long before they too knew conflict. Within each race rose great empires, and they all were constantly at war with one another. One race in particular took quickly to war, beginning to conquer all others, the humans. And for a brief period of time, it was thought that may just conquer all other empires and place them under their nation. Yet their greed and lust for power would be their downfall.

Believing his own power rivaled that of the god’s, the foolish King of the human race attempted to control a portal to the Abyss. However, chaos can never be controlled. And the Demons quickly overwhelmed the kingdom. The Demons began to pour out of the portal and tore at its edge making it grow ever larger, threatening to engulf the entire world.

The races of Caen quickly realized that they could not stand alone against this foe, and united with one another. Together they battled the constantly growing Demon army, and were able to push it back to the limits of the Portal, which had grown massive at this point. With the greatest spellcasters of the world united, they weaved their magic together to attempt and reverse the damage that been done. They successfully managed to close the portal, but the Abyss is foul and dark beyond all measure and it would not be defeated so easily. The portal tore the fabric of Caen in its closing, forever connecting the Abyss and Caen. This tear is a huge rift in Caen, known as the Chasm, and Demons still continue to spew forth from its depths. Not knowing what else could be done the spellcasters decide that sealing everything around the Chasm was the only way to prevent it from spreading again. The seal created a giant sphere that encompassed all of the Chasm, forming the Void. The Void protects all of Caen from the Demon threat. No magic is perfect, though, and chaos will always seek to unravel order; the Demons still constantly attempt to destroy the barrier that seals them within. The Demon threat would always be present, but the races were no longer in imminent danger and conflicts amongst one another rose again.

The wars between the empires and these last battles with the Demons, now called the Demon’s War, had made every empire weak. Their people were tired of constant war and struggle; the old feuds and hatreds that had been known for generations had died away in the Demon’s War. Nearly all of the empires dissolved in a few years, and those that remained had lost all the power and glory they once had. City-States now are common all across the face of Caen, and the races of Caen are now more commonly seen mixed together in these capitals, though many still remain isolated to their own kind. These City-States know only the war of economical conquest and many have loose, but well formed, alliances.

And so for the first time in nearly a milenia, Caen has known peace from shore to shore. Though many evils have risen, heroes from all across Caen have also arose to vanquish it each time. The citizens of the world for once are able to feel at-ease and peace. But unknown to all of Caen an ancient and dark evil stirs; it has waited in the darkest shadows for its time to strike, and it will wait no longer. Silently and secretly, this evil has begun to initiate its first steps to destroying all of Caen as it is known.

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