Demonic Legion

The Demonic Legion of the Nine Hells

Dreadlords. They’re intelligent and clever, and while often not chosen to lead armies are often considered higher ranking then the powerful Annihlan.

The eldest brother who directly serves Bel, Archdemon of the First. Tichondrous is a skilled military tactician, whose unbridled intelligence and ruthlessness has won many battles for the Archdemon. While he serves the Archdemon directly, he does not hold a specific rank though he is to be feared and respected for he possesses unquestionable power. Tichondrous faithfully serves his Archdemon master, but desires the title Archdemon of the First. He hopes his faithful service will provide the opportunity for betrayal and succession. The Circle of Eight is his greatest rival to this cause particularly with Aggonar as the Overseer. Aggonar finds Nathrezim untrustworthy and weak, but holds even greater contempt for Tichondrous. The clever demon plots against the Circle of Eight with the aid of his brothers. He hopes that he can convince the Fel Elves pose a great enough threat to send the Circle of Eight into battle. It is after this that he plans to betray the Annihilan and seize upon their demise.

Not particularly intelligent, clever, or powerful amongst the Nathrezim, though not to be underestimated, Balnazzar serves his brother with hopes that the more powerful his brother becomes he will too.

The youngest of three Nathrezim brothers, and possibly the most ambitious. He rivals his brother in intelligence and wit, but does not possess the power of the eldest. He serves under him just as Balnazzar, though less faithfully and with contempt for his servitude. Tichondrous has sent Antonidas on a mission to make the Fel Elves more powerful, and aid in the destruction of the Circle of Eight.


Pit Lords. Faithfully serve under an Archdemon as commanders over the armies rampaging the Pit. These powerful fiends are used wisely by the Archdemons controlling them. Losing one significantly impacts an Archdemon’s power and so they are reluctant to release them unless needed. The Annihilan pit lords are described as engines of destruction. They are driven by pure rage and bloodlust. Their bodies resemble massive lizards, with six powerful limbs, a tail, and wings sprouting from their backs (the wings are vestigial and occasionally used for defense). Their upper torsos are more humanoid, with a large chest, two arms and a large horned head. Their mouths are filled with rows of teeth, their eyes are on fire and even their tongues are studded with fangs. The preferred weapon of the pit lords is a massive double-bladed sword. Though they may look fat and lazy, they are unimaginably powerful.

Circle of Eight
Eight of the most powerful Annihilan serve under Archdemon Bel

Aggonar, Overseer of Pain
A powerful Pit Lord who serves directly under Archdemon Bel as his General and he commands the other seven Annihilan of the Circle of Eight. Aggonar is respected and feared amongst all the planes of Hell, and even Asmodeous recognizes the creature’s power. He is intelligent for an Annihilan, who are so consumed with rage and bloodlust they are often blinded. He distrusts the Nathrezim, seeing them as a threat to his seat of power, and would gladly see to each of their deaths if given the command. Aggonar only seeks to unleash hell upon Caen, and serves Bel only with faith that he will accomplish this task.








Doom Guard. Elite troops of the Legion that often act as sergeants over the demonic troops. Ered`ruin take orders only from those above them, often Annihilan, Nathrezim or Pit Fiends, and see to it that their orders are executed exactly. Those that fail to do as an Ered`ruin are dealt with quickly and lethally, inspiring a savage fear into others. Those often included in their ranks are lesser devils, Beared Devil, Spine Devil, Ice Devil, etc.

Pit Fiends

Bearded Devils

Demonic Legion

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