The Pit & Void

Creation of the Pit

Thousands of years ago when the human race was still young and just beginning to flourish, they discovered magic. It quickly became a source of power and rivalry amongst the varying clans of humans.

Those of the Zexrum Clan believed that magic was the most basic form of power. Magic was to be used to protect yourself and destroy your enemies. Only the powerful have the right to rule amongst the Zexrum. The weak are destroyed, while the strong survive. The most powerful spellcaster rules the clan without question as the Archmage. Those who would question the rule of the Arhcmage must challenge the Archmage for their seat. This hierarchy creates a culture that lusts for power, self-centered, and above all avarice. It should come as no surprise that it was the Zexrum that were the first to discover the arts of summoning demons and devils. It is unclear whether they knew exactly what the powers they were dealing with were or if they arrogance simply blinded them. They believed they could control the devils they were summoning and they sought to learn as much as they could from them. Many binded themselves to the devils in their quest to gain more and more power. Quickly they gained the attention of Asmodeus himself, believing that humans were the key to his access to their plane. Asmodeus promised the Zexrum power beyond their wildest dreams, but that first they must construct a portal to bring him into their world.

The Vijune Clan were dedicated practitioners of transmutational magic, believing it to be magic in its most pure form. In their clan only women were allowed to practice magic. Magic was pure and tranquil as were women; men were destructive and violent. Magic had a purpose in this world and it was to benefit all of creation; it was not for wanton, reckless destruction. They focused on enchantments, manipulation of matter(transmuting), arcane seals, and rituals.

The Harnykyl focused on the study of elemental magic: fire, lightning, cold, earth, and arcane.

While there were many more lesser clans scattered amongst the beginnings of the human empire, these three were the most powerful of their time. The Zaxrum quickly rose to be the most powerful amongst the clans as they used demonic magic. The other clans grew suspicious of the Zaxrum as they grew increasingly more hostile. The other clans discovered that the Zaxrum were using demonic magic and that they intended to release the demons into the world. This began the Mage Clan Wars.

The Zaxrum were able to construct and open what became known as the “Gate of Asmodeus”. While Asmodeus had guided the hands of the humans that created it, they had neither the time nor power to open a perfect gate. The gate was flawed, carrying demons to this plane and tearing the very being of others. Asmodeus feared that if he dared to cross the Gate that it may very well destroy the fiber of his being.

The Mage Clans joined forces to fight the Zaxrum and their demonic allies. Some of the Zaxrum fought against their brethren, realizing that they were nothing more than tools to Asmodeus.

The combined force of the Mage Clans were enough to beat back the demonic legions and the corrupted Zaxrum, but they found that destroying the Gate of Asmodeus would prove even more difficult.

While the Gate of Asmodeus was an imperfect version, its blueprints had been crafted by Asmodeus and enchanted with demonic and blood magic. The Gate was remarkably fortified and powerful.

Destroyed portal. Destruction of the portal caused it to implode. Destroyed the land, pulling some of the Nine Hells into Caen, and created the Pit. The implosion weakened the barrier between the planes to a flux. Small portals open spontaneously, but they fail more often than they work. Still it creates an almost constant flow of demons into Caen and with the barrier between the planes weakened, it is incredibly easy to open a portal for the demons.

The Clans had to create the Void to contain them so that they could not threaten the outside world.

The Pit & Void

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