Monster Races

Monster Races of Caen


The goblin races of Caen are an evolutionary wonder. No species of goblinkind is worth noting as they are constantly evolving, creating a new species within every 5 generations. Goblins come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From the large Hobgoblins to the tiny Pygmy Goblin, goblinkind is made of all sorts. They are capable of adapting to any environment and there are few places within the world that goblins have not managed to inhabit. While they are intelligent enough to comprehend language, they have no unified language. There are hundreds if not thousands of unique languages amongst all goblinkind. Typically, those goblinkind within a certain vicinity of each other with share languages that are close enough to speak to one another with relative understanding. As the distance grows, however, the less likely the goblins will be able to speak to one another. All goblinkind understand one language well enough and that is: violence.


Yuan-Ti (Serpent Folk)




Bipedal, crocodile/alligator-like, humanoid creatures that dwell in the Southern Isles. They are capable of surviving off fresh water or salt water. Their young come from eggs and hatchlings typically take two full years to reach adult size. They are known to continue growing for as long as they live sometimes reaching monstrous sizes. The Crocodylia are a savage and brutal race, who hold their race as superior to all others. Their entire race has but one god and they stand untied by this god, Nilolitcus. Every tribe has their own tenents from Nilolitcus, but all hold the singular belief in the superiority of their race. Crocodylia hold the belief that only the strongest deserve to lead. The strongest amongst the Crocodylia try to make names for themselves quickly to gather a following. Titles are everything to the Crocodylia. It is through titles and renown that you gain armies to follow you into battle. The deaths of those they kill and their own deaths only increase the glory gained by those who command them. Recently the Crocodylia have rallied together, though under different banners, to dominate the isles as their own. They desire to free their homeland from the weakness and pestilence that are the other races that live there. The practice of Necromancy is not only well accepted, but encouraged. A life of service to Nilolictus and death in battle are ways to glory, but continued service after death is an even greater honor. This aspect of Crocodylia culture makes them a particularly devastating force to face. In life, they are great warriors; in death, they are nearly unstoppable. Their language is loosely connected and constantly changing; it is mostly composed of growls, hissing, snarls, and roars. The language of the Crocodylia is known by very few outsiders and is nearly impossible for most other races to reproduce.

“One Eye” Barbedos
A notorious Crocodylia known by any and all who inhabit the South East Isles. Long ago, he lost an eye battling against the Seluchi while sacking one of their land holdings. He replaced the eye with an artifact taken from a Naga Priestess he felled. The artifact has enabled him to command magical powers beyond that of any Crocodylia before him. As one of the oldest living Crocodylia, he has reached a massive size and towers over the average member of his kin. His renown necrotic powers, size, strength, and battle experience has allowed him to gather the largest following amongst the Crocodylia. Barbedos was one of primary reasons the war of domination for the South East Isles was started. His true desire is to continue gaining magical artifacts from the Seluchi and ascend to godhood, replacing Nilolitcus as the god of the Crocodylia.

Zelruk “the Dreadful”
Before his death, Zelruk was an ambitious and zealous warlock. While fighting alongside “One Eye” Barbedos, he was dealt a lethal blow by some Seluchi Naga. Moments before taking his final breath, he managed to bind his spirit to this world. His body passed on, but his spirit raged across the battlefield. Barbedos invoked great necrotic rituals, using newly acquired Seluchi sacrifices, to bind Zelruk’s spirit to his fallen body. Zelruk is now an incredibly potent weapon at One Eye’s command. Undeath enhanced the already impressive necrotic abilites Zelruk once possessed in life. Zelruk must consume life force in order to remain bound to this world. And as the days pass the toll increases.

Baltsaros “the Bastard”
Considered a gargantuan amongst even his largest brethren, Baltsaros dwarves his kin. He is known to swallow Murlocs, Sahuagin, and even men whole. His jaws are large enough to place a Myrmidon within, strong enough to break said Myrmion, and his countless fangs are capable of tearing the dead Myrmidon to shreds. He is a veteran of hundreds of battles and has killed countless enemies. He feverish in his worship and dedication to Nilolictus, believing that he is amongst Nilolictus’s Chosen Ones. His hatred of all other races is nearly as strong as his zealous for his god. He wields a magic Fullblade that is larger than some of his brethren. The blade he wields, while nameless, has been handed down amongst the Crocodylia for centuries. It is one of the few weapons of significant magical power that they possess. The blade is said to hold a portion of the spirit of Nilolitcus. The blade grows stronger with every enemy it fells, consuming their souls. Whomever wields the blade, gains the title of “the Bastard”. Legend has it that those too weak to wield the blade have their own souls consumed by it. There have been many Bastards, but none as promising as Baltsaros. Many follow Baltsaros to battle and, while he cannot promise to bring them back from death, he can promise a river of blood and death to Nilolictus.

Kyros “the Corrupted”
While raising Crocodylia to fight again is considered honorable, it is sacrilegious to raise others back to life. Kyros has earned “the Corrupted” title by committing this heinous act. Kyros was born with an affinity to magic and quickly developed his necrotic abilities. Kyros’s magical abilities are only rivaled by that of Barbedos and Zelruk. Kyros has the fewest followers amongst the greater war leaders. Only those who have been dishonored, banished, or do not believe he commits heresy rally beneath him. Many warlocks follow him, hoping to glean the secrets of his magical prowess. He is without a doubt the most efficient warlord amongst his kin. He has managed to claim an island from the Seluchi. Kyros is most infamous for his “explosive” killing style. He enjoys killing the Seluchi, raising them, marching them back against their brethren, and then detonating them. Upon the explosion, an incredibly toxic and corrosive cloud is released. Those living or undead alike who are unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast are corroded into little more than ash. Those living creatures who are out of the explosion, but near enough to breath the vapors, suffer an agonizing death as their slowly destroyed from the inside out. It is with this army of undeath that Kyros has managed to conquer an isle and moves to continue his conquest.


Bipedal, frog-like, amphibious humanoid creatures. The Trogwugs are peace, intelligent, and shamanistic. They have a life span comparable to humans, although several have managed to live to nearly 150 years. They are adept magic users and seem to be born with a deep connection to the natural world, allowing them to tap into its power. They inhabit the South Eastern Isles. Their natural enemies are the Crocodylia and Seluchi. The Crocodylia are the greater threat, since they are often times far enough inland to avoid the Seluchi. Trogwugs welcome other races to their home and have learned many languages from other races. Many Trogwugs have adapted Common as they language in order to encourage an assimilation. The Trogwugs are an incredibly diplomatic people with a democratic system of government. It is through their aid that most of the South Eastern Isle port cities have been established. Trogwugs have a natural defense mechanism that produce an extremely venomous toxin. Trogwugs may release their toxin in a small spray before them. Trogwugs are tall, lithe, and agile. They can leap more than 20ft into the air. They favor long spears, blow guns, nets, bolas, and javelins. They’re also fond of magic and alchemy. While they are a peaceful people, they will defend what is theirs as the Crocodylia and Seluchi have learned. Trogwugs have grown particularly fond of the elves from whom they have learned much about magic.

Trogwug Hierarchy
Prime Warden – Elected from amongst the 5 Wardens. The Prime Warden rules over the States to unite them all into single nation. The Prime Warden holds his position for 15 years, in the case of death a Warden election is immediately done to promote a new Prime Warden. There has not been a new Prime Warden in over 75 years.

Warden – Elected by the Chieftains of several local tribes. Wardens unite the Tribes into a State. Only 5 states exist amongst the Trogwub people. Wardens serve for 10 years before their position come up for re-election. It is common for those in the position to seek and gain re-election.

Chieftain – Elected by the Shamans of several local villages. The chieftain serves as the unification of several villages to create a Tribe. Chieftains most often serve for life or until elected into the position of Warden.

Shaman – the elected leader typically amongst a village. This position is typically held for life or until elected to a high position.

Warden WubWub

A well respected High Chieftain amongst the Trogwugs particularly for his young age. He has mastered over 7 languages, including that of the Seluchi and Crocodylia. He has studied under several Elven teachers to further develop his skills with magic and he is no slouch in alchemy. Wubwub looks down on the peaceful nature of his people. He seeks vengeance against the Crocodylia and Seluchi, whom he believes are born of a violent unchangeable nature. He desires to eradicate them all. He plans to begin to stir on the unrest of his people upon reaching the status of Prime Warden, allowing him the opportunity to declare war.

Prime Warden NurgNurg

He has been elected to Prime Warden for 5 consecutive sessions and most believe he will be able to maintain the position until he dies. The Prime Warden is 112 years old. He has lost much of his vision and hearing, but many of his other senses remain keen. His magical prowess is awe-inspiring. He has preached peace among his people for his entire reign and has managed to maintain it, even amongst all the Crocodylia and Seluchi turmoil. He is growing more and more feeble, however, and his people grow more restless as their enemies continue to push them further and further.

Vij`Ani Trolls

The foil to the dim-witted trolls of the mainland, the Vij`Ani are tall, lithe, and intelligent. Their only similarities are powerful healing and regenerative abilities that is only slowed through fire. The Vij’Ani have battled the Korsk since the Korsik people’s arrival on their island. The Korsk made the mistake of thinking them idiotic brutes like their Caen brethren. They’re extreme discipline coupled with their militaristic culture makes them deadly enemies to combat. The Vij’Ani commonly fight with long spears, javelins, . They possess knowledge of how to tattoo magic foci onto their bodies and they wield the wild, primal magic of the spirits. While the Korsk have managed to claim much of the island, the Vij’Ani still maintain a large portion of the inland and even some coastal areas. They are one of the greatest enemies and threats to the Korsik kingdom, but they have been on the decline for nearly a century. Under a new warchief, they’ve begun worshiping a new god, Atal`Hakkar. Atal’Hakkar demands daily sacrifices, but rewards the Vij`Ani with the power they crave to defeat their enemies.

Warchief Zul`Yehkar
Zul`Yehkar is a savage and brutal warchief, and son of the former Warchief. The warchief commands all of the Vij’Ani and his word is law. His entire life his people have been subject to the eradication efforts of the Korsk. Zul`Yehkar means to put an end to their war and to reclaim the island for the Vij`Ani by any means neccasary.

Warlord Zuljin

The Skriven are sneaky, intelligent scavengers resemble a cross between several rodents given a humanoid form. They’re omnivorous, preferring cooked meat and harvested fungi from the underground, though they’re not picky. Skriven prefer to live in large hollows or caverns, known as “scratches,” using rocks and underground passageways to build a safe environment. They do have architecture, and build huts or structures within the main area of their hollow out of the items they scavenge. They have been known to live in large colonies in the infrastructure beneath large cities as well. There is no societal distinction between male and female Skriven. Skriven are nocturnal by nature, incredibly stealthy, and extraordinarily cunning. They’re fond of ambushes, hit and runs, or any sneaky tactic that doesn’t involve open conflict, making them an absolutely infuriating enemy. Skriven are driven by their insatiable curiosity, which more often than not drives them to stealing all things valuable, rare, and especially shiny. It is this aspect they are most hated for by other races. They operate in packs of 4-8 with anywhere from 10-20 packs creating a colony. The leader of a pack is usually the Skriven with the most valuable or dangerous stolen item. Skriven often fight with small hand crossbows, but it isn’t uncommon for them to use stolen Korsk weaponry, including pistols, rifles, and grenades. The Skriven all worship a rodent-like version of a god that is presumed to be Sehaine.


Monster Races

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