Kingdom of Korsk

Kingdom of Korsk

The Kingdom of Korsk is an island nation of humans devoted to their god, Korsk. The preachings of Korsk holds the human race above all others, and promotes the genocide or slavery of all others. They also hold the belief that magic and arcane arts are sinful and evil in nature. This makes elves one of their most hated races, and do everything within their power to exterminate them. They believe natural resources are purely for use by humans given to them by Korsk, therefore they are to be used how they wish for as long as they wish. This often results in the complete and utter depletion of all said resources. This, and the fact they believe themselves superior to all other races, is why it common to see Korsk raiding parties, who are simply “retrieving what is rightfully theirs and has been stolen by lesser beings.” The Korsik people are the most technologically advanced nation in all of Caen. They create huge, powerful constructs of all shapes and sizes powered by fire, steam, or electricity. The Korsik people are most often content within the borders of their island nation, but it is not unknown for them to journey to purge the world of “impurities and corruption.” The rest of the humans throughout the world are counted amongst their numbers, but most often considered ignorant, stupid, and dull. The Korsk Kingdom is rather self-sufficient and independent, thriving on the island’s resources and their own innovative technology. Trade is rare, but human merchants prize getting their hands on Korsk technology. The few Korsik merchants who will do business with non-Korsk humans only trade for resources rare or difficult to harvest. The Korsik people are not only renowned for their technology, but as some of the greatest beast handlers. The Korsik Island and the many surrounding it possess some of the most fearsome and powerful creatures that have ever lived. Few of the these creatures have not been “tamed” by the Korsk, and those few that have resisted handling are eradicated. Most the creatures are used as slaves for whatever means, but some of the more deadly and savage are used as war beasts.

Grand Exemplar
High Exemplars

First Crusade of Korsk
Several hundred years ago the Kingdom of Korsk grew tired of their elven neighbors to the east. Grand Exemplar Khurvov IV launched a huge campaign to rid the world of the “ever arrogant elven swine.” Thousands upon thousands of Korsik warriors laid siege to the closest elf cities and nearby villages. Between the warships, siege equipment, and overwhelming number of warriors the elves were no match. The three beautiful elven societies were reduced to hardly more than rubble in a matter of weeks. Few elves were able to flee by sea and land, heading to the nearby Shyleth. The Shyleth elves have a deep hatred for the Korsk people, and raid their ships and attack them when they can.








Kingdom of Korsk

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