Detailed description of the city itself.

Initial Entrance:

Two enormous dragonborn figures are carved out of the very mountain the city rest between, reaching heights over 700ft. The two dragonborn each have a hand extended outward, suggesting those who harbor ill will should dare to go no farther. At the feet of each dragonborn rests a huge platform awaiting to magically rise to meet the bridge at the knees of the dragonborn. Just beneath the bridge water cascades down, pooling to form a magnificent lake, and then gradually shifts into a gushing river.

Upon Arriving on the Bridge:

The huge, marble platform rises to perfectly meet the bridge. The sound of the water crashing down on the rocks below creates a loud, but peaceful ambiance. The wind often comes in furious, howling torrents that make your blood run cold. Looking down the length of the bridge, you see numerous statues of other dragonborn. Many of the statues stand in battle poses, weapons raised in the air or stone flames spewing from their mouths. At the base of each statues is a plaque, telling the tale of the dragonborn depicted, and braziers filled with magical flames are positioned on either side to constantly provide light. After nearly 500ft, the bridge comes to end with a giant gate in the form of a Gold Dragon’s wings. The wings are spread wide open and judging from the rusted, broken hinges, it is evident they’ve been that way for a very long time.

Entering the city:

Resting within the shadows of the mountains surrounding it, Ivo’anothor is eerily dark. Even on the brightest days, the city remains swallowed by the darkness. The lost city of the dragonborn is lit only by the few magical fires that still burn. The city extends as far as the eye can see, dipping and rising all over. Scattered all over are large, tattered banners that remain from the glory days. At the very edge of Ivo’anothor, cut out of the very mountain behind the city, stands a giant platinum dragon on its hind legs. It holds an enormous castle within its front claws, while its tail seems to serve as an incredibly long staircase. A waterfall gushes from the mouth of the platinum dragon only to pool at the base and then disappear beneath the city. Between you and the platinum dragon, stands a thousand buildings, if not more.


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